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pore water pressure monitoring

Pore Water Pressure Monitoring

Series 1000

The 1000 series of geotech products includes all Pore Water Pressure Monitoring sensors and their auxiliary equipment.

Pore pressure can be measured by these types of technology, Water Level Measurement, Pneumatic Piezometry and Vibrating Wire Piezometry.

Pore pressure is one of the major parameters to be measured when monitoring the slope stability of any earthen mass.

Standpipe or Casagrande Piezometers are the most economical systems, but require a lot of labour to gain data.

Pneumatic Piezometers are good, for short term up to 1 year monitoring of pressures, if tube runs are not too long. Reading can take up to 10 minutes each, sometimes.

Vibrating wire piezometers are simple to read and instant in their response ideal for where, automatic data acquisition is required.

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